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You have, however, just exhibited a common response to questions and activities in on-line learning packages, which is to regard them as a gratuitous obstacle placed in your way by the author/teacher, rather than as an integral part of the learning process. What is more, you have also been honest about it, (assuming that you chose to come here before clicking the alternative) so the recognition of the problem is the first stage in solving it.

The same agenda of resentment can also apply in the face-to-face class, to a lesser extent. If the teacher knows the answer, what is he asking us for?

That is why questioning approaches and style require attention. They are primarily devices — rather crude ones, really — to set up a learning conversation. If that "conversation" is always teacher-driven and teacher-initiated, basically it means that the students do not "own" the learning — and if they don't own it, they won't learn it very well.


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