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An essay is a traditional form of assessment in relatively academic and some professional areas. It takes the form of a piece of writing specially composed by the student to address a question or topic set by the teacher, usually within a set word-limit. It is extremely flexible and easy to set: unfortunately this also leads to a great deal of sloppiness in its use.



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Incidentally, and rather self-indulgently, I had a go at one of my son's set essays a while ago, free of all the constraints about how someone might see fit to assess it. How would you mark it? (There are at least two spelling mistakes)

Indeed, I'm an avid consumer (via RSS, Arts and Letters Daily, and the Browser -- I accept no responsibility for the consequences of following either of those links) of what are known nowadays as "op-ed" columns in high-end journals. How would they fare as essays submitted for assessment, in an appropriate discipline, of course?

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